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Thursday, January 28, 2010 2:25:37 PM
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Free Games War Rock

Free Games: War Rock is a multiplayer game made by Dream Execution (South Korean company). The game is distributed as a Free2Play, a common form of freeware and available through online downloading. K2Network service the game for both Europe and North America. Though the game can be downloaded free of charge, WarRock requires online registration. The retail version, which is no longer sold, comes with additional features in comparison to the free version. The player's performance in the multiplayer mode is tracked with experience points and ingame money which players can earn several ways including defeating opponents, or completing objectives. As players gain experience, they will advance in level, allowing access to new weapons and items, which can be bought with money earned in the game. Equip yourself from a wide array of weapons and field gear, and fight on foot or take the battle to the enemy in armored vehicles ranging from Blackhawk choppers and K1 tanks to F-15 Eagles. Enlist with the NIU rebels or the Derbaran Military, and select a branch of service: Engineer, Medic, Assault, Sniper, or Heavy Trooper. You will rank up with experience, unlock new equipment, and participate in live events run by GMs. Browse the in-game Armory & Item Shop and trade in your hard-earned Dinar for weaponry, field equipment, and even power-ups.Free Download

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